Friday, June 30, 2006

Digg Comment Ratings

In recent, I have personally felt that many digg users have forgotten how to properly use the digg ratings system for rating comments. As of late, users need not flame or post spam to have their comments buried. Instead, it has become quite common for the average digg user to bury comments where an opinion deviates from the majority. Take, for example, the comments in response to WGA and Microsoft possibly about to release a Windows Kill Switch. One comment that really stood out, in my opinion, was one posted by the user furtwan1. In the post, furtwan1 suggests that a Windows kill switch is not necessarily a bad idea because it will affect mostly people that have illegal copies of Windows. All that was posted was a difference of opinion, yet digg users buried the comment into what is presently -31, which hides the comment from most users screens, by default.

What good is a discussion if everybody shares the same opinion? Deviating from the majority promotes a healthy discussion. We don't all have to agree, do we? It is my belief that the digg comments area would benefit greatly by promoting "outside of the box" thinking, rather than outcasting those that do not share the same view as you. Additionally, I believe greatly that some individuals may be reluctant to post comments against the norm because of fear that they will be ridiculed by other digg users. Bashing these users really isn't healthy.

Let's all try to promote a healthy discussion that encourages new ideas. If you don't agree with what another user posts, feel free to post your reasons for disagreeing; however, at least give other digg users the respect they deserve for feeling the way they do.

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