Friday, February 17, 2006

Senfo's Theory Of Time

The way I see it, nobody could come from the future* --it hasn't happened yet. For somebody (or something) from the future to show up on our Earth, they would have to come from another place in the universe where time ticks faster. But I personally do not believe that time actually works in only this way. The best way that I could possibly describe my theory (and I am not a physicist) would be to draw two lines in parallel to each other, like so:


For the sake of argument, pretend that the two lines at the end are connected. In my theory, the two dashed lines represent two possible rates in which time increases in different places in the universe. In this example, pretend that the top dashed line represents a place where time increases at twice the rate of the lower line. If one person showed up at the location of the top line, and a second person showed up at the location of the second line and simultaneously started stop watches, we could observe that the stop watch of the person on the top line would increase at (obviously) twice the rate of the lower line. However, I believe that these two people are bound together by at least one more constant, which is like time, but operates at a constant rate. I'll call this "universal time". For this discussion, I'll call Einsteins fourth dimension (time) theoretical time. So if the top line represents Mars and the lower line represents Earth (for the sake of argument, just assume that time increases at twice the rate on Mars as it does Earth), in my theory, it can be assumed that a person on Mars will, in theoretical time, age at twice that of the rate as an Earthling, but they both age at the same universal time.

Based on this theory, in order for an object to come from the future, it would have to increase its universal time, which is not possible.

* Although I am thinking this at this very moment, if somebody came up with a way to come back to this exact moment in time, I'd still be thinking the same thing; but, since I'm currently in the present, it's not *yet* possible (make sense?).

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